The ever-rising temperature in Southeast Asia is becoming unbearable even for the locals.

Because of the scorching heat, one lady from Vietnam recently got the shock of her life when the duck eggs she bought were not what she expected.

Miraculously, the duck eggs she bought matured and hatched into cute little ducklings!

Credit: China Press

Currently, Vietnam is like a living oven where the temperatures in cities like Hanoi are above 30 degrees, while Ho Chi Minh is approaching 40 degrees.

The Vietnamese lady initially bought two dozen eggs and placed them at the kitchen with the intention of treating herself as Vietnam was experiencing such an unbearable heatwave, reported China Press.

It has also been speculated that the lady may have bought the duck eggs to make ‘balut’.

‘Balut’ is an exotic delicacy popular in Southeast Asian countries including Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. In the Philippines, ‘balut’ is typically sold as street food.

Yes, we agree that the weather is unbearable but at least it created these 24 cute little souls! The extreme heat caused the eggs to hatch into cute ducklings.

Credit: China Press

The sudden birth of the ducklings put the Vietnamese lady in a difficult position as she didn’t think she could manage them all.

The lady quickly contacted her colleagues for help by requesting them to adopt the ducklings.

Thankfully, they agreed to take in a few each, and earned themselves some new feathered friends!

Look at the little cutie pie lying down. The duck has certainly melted our hearts!

Credit: China Press

He or she might have been exhausted because of the heat.

Credit: China Press

We hope there’s a mini pond for the little one when it finds a new home so it can cool off! 

Credit: World of Buzz

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