Credit: Facebook/ Doctors Medical Center

A hospital in Modesto, California has come up with a heart-warming idea to reduce the stress of young patients. They’re allowing them to arrive to surgery in style in the form of a stylish set of wheels!

Credit: Facebook/ Doctors Medical Center

The idea of going into theatre can be a scary process even for adults, but for these young children, the journey has been turned into an exhilarating one! 

Kimberly Martinez, a pre-op nurse at Doctor Medical Center, thought up the genius idea to reduce the stress of young kids when they arrive for their operations.

“When the children find out they can go into the operating room riding in a cool little car, they light up and in most cases, their fears melt away,” she told CBS News.


She added she can already see the difference the cars make to the kids’ moods. 

Credit: Facebook/ Doctors Medical Center

“It can be traumatizing for a young patient to be peeled away from their parents as they head into surgery,” she said. “This truly helps everyone involved.”

The hospital aims to reduce the stress levels of the youngsters, and make them feel at ease in their potentially intimidating surroundings.

Children aged between two and seven can choose from either a black Mercedes or a pink Volkswagen Beetle. Not too shabby! 

Credit: Facebook/ Doctors Medical Center

The cars look like the real deal, and come with dashboard lights, headlights and taillights.

Most impressively though, the vehicles also come with a stereo and MP3 player, so the kids can choose their own music to arrive to. 

You can just imagine a child riding down to the operating room blasting ‘Stayin’ Alive’!

Credit: Facebook/ Doctors Medical Center

The kids can drive the cars themselves for that little bit of independence. Or they can be operated by remote control!

Don’t worry! The kids will be strapped securely in the one-seater cars as they come with a fully functioning seat belt too.

Credit: Facebook/ Doctors Medical Center

The first car was bought by the hospital, while the second was donated by a very special employee and their family.

To be torn away from parents at such a young age must be terrifying. But for these young patients, their experience may be remembered for their dramatic entrance in their flashy car, and most importantly, it’ll put a huge smile on their faces.

“It’s okay to be scared. It means you are about to do something very, very brave”.

Watch this little one in action below showing off her huge smile as she heads towards her operation!

Credit: CBS News

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