Running enthusiast Khemjira Klongsanun, from Bangkok, Thailand, has gone viral after rescuing a cute stray puppy while completing a marathon. She even carries the pup all the way to the finishing line! 

Khemjira’s kindness knows no bounds, and she put her personal best running time aside for the sake of rescuing the adorable puppy.

Just seven miles into the local marathon last week, Khemjira saw a tiny little puppy alone, walking by the roadside.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

She rushed to its side straight away and searched for its potential mom or owner, but couldn’t see any other dogs or people close by. She soon realized it was a stray and had been abandoned by the road!

So she did the kindest thing of all. She scooped the dog up and cradled it in her arms, as she was heartbroken by the thought of it being left all by itself.

So, she and her new pooch ran the remaining 19 miles together, aww! 

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

Go go go!

She held onto the pup tight and made sure they both crossed the finishing line side-by-side. Look how happy she looks! 

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

Although she just completed the marathon, the best award for Khemjira was certainly her new furry friend, who she took into her home.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

The puppy looks so happy to have found a forever home! 

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

She even has a new name–Nong Chom! She’s officially part of her family and has been to the vet for a checkup since the marathon.

She fits right in among Khemjira’s other dog pals.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

Nong Chom can finally sleep peacefully without a care in the world. She’s all looked after by her new loving family.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

They do everything together and are inseparable.

Credit: Facebook/ Polsin Sinsamoe

The adorable pup Nong Chom is super thankful for her rescuer Khemjira rescuing her! We wish the family nothing but happiness.

Credit: The Dodo


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