A Venezuelan street artist has gone viral for taking to the streets of Brazil with an adorable assistant—his pet dog.

The pair put on the most heartwarming display when they do a living statue act together!

The street artist, Yorge Luís Ruiz, came to Brazil six years ago to search for a better life, and began to perform his entertaining routines for passersby on the streets of Fortaleza.

Now Yorge has made a name for himself with his living statue routine as his adorable pet pooch, named Jaspe, assists him every single day.

Jaspe stays by his side and sits perfectly still on Yorge’s arm—she’s a natural!



The cute duo have attracted attention not only from passers by on the streets of Brazil, but from fans all around the world, as a Twitter video of the pair recently went viral online.

Yorge and Jaspe even have their own Instagram account, which has over 92,000 followers so far, and documents their sweet performances.



When the street artist realized his pet pooch lifted her head and froze every time he kissed her neck, he thought of the most genius way to incorporate her talents into his living statue routine.



But their journey hasn’t always been so smooth—a woman once accused Yorge of mistreating drugging his furry friend, and claimed to be from an animal protection agency.

She threatened to take the canine away and called police, but luckily, people who often watched their performances backed Yorge up and they weren’t separated.

Yorge said in an Instagram post, “We thank you very much, we thank the Brazilian people every day for enjoying our work.

“We’re overwhelmed by all the positive comments we are getting right now.”

The people of Brazil can’t get enough of this four-legged performer!


You can see how much the duo love each other—they make the perfect team! 



It’s true when they say a dog is a man’s best friend—we wish them all the best, and we’ll definitely be checking out their future routines on their Instagram page!

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