With the right attitude and dedication anything is possible. Tupac Mosley, a homeless student and valedictorian who successfully landed $3 million in scholarships, is proof that as long as you have the right mindset, being underprivileged is only temporary.

Tupac, 17, is from Memphis, Tennessee and recently graduated top of his class at Raleigh Egypt High School last Sunday. He was even named valedictorian! Impressive right?


But life has not been easy for Tupac ever since his dad passed away. The Mosley household’s financial condition deteriorated and they were eventually evicted from their home. 

Because of this Tupac, moved from home to home during the final few months of his senior year in Raleigh Egypt High School.

The high achiever told FOX13, “After my father passed, we fell behind on bills and we ended up getting evicted from our home February 21 of this year.”

Despite constantly seeking shelter and dealing with the loss of his dad, Tupac still managed to maintain his 4.3 GPA.

Because of his academic excellence, he successfully landed 50 scholarships with a value of more than $3 million prior to his graduation this month. 


During his graduation speech, he told his peers that as long as you believe you can achieve it, nothing is impossible.

But he never expected to receive so many scholarships offers in his wildest dreams.


The valedictorian said, “When I heard that I got $3 million, I was more than elated and excited and astonished that it was that much.”

He also thanked his principal and teachers for always having faith in him.

“I knew I had to make them proud. I knew that their investment was worth it that and just show them that – yes, everything that you poured into me was worth $3 million and counting.”

Tupac is also very thankful for ‘For the Kingdom’.

For the Kingdom is a non-profit organization and camping site, which helps urban kids and teens find the right path in life.

The valedictorian said he may not have gone to college if wasn’t for the director of ‘For the Kingdom’ who let him and his family stay there.

Tupac’s advice is to “never let your current situation, whatever circumstances you’re going through, be a mountain that you can’t climb.” 


We couldn’t agree more!

Tupac will attend Tennessee State University to study electrical engineering this fall and will also be moving into a permanent home! 


We are inspired by Tupac’s story and we wish him all the best with his future. Tupac is truly an inspiration to all of us and a good example of keeping the right mindset even in adverse situations.

Credit: FOX13

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