Meet Derrick Campana, the kind-hearted prosthetist who has been giving amputee animals a second chance at life for over a decade! 


Derrick started out his career helping war veterans and human amputees, but his path took a turn 14 years ago when a veterinarian asked him if he could help an amputee dog as well.

“I can try to help you. But I’ve never worked on a dog before,” Derrick told him.


And from then on, his life had changed forever! In 2016, he started a company called Animal Ortho Care, and has helped more than 20,000 adorable animals around the world so far!

There’s no animal Derrick won’t help—take a look at all the sweet animals enjoying their new lives with the help of Derrick’s special prosthetic limbs!

1. Thanks to Derrick, this elephant can continue to live a happy life.


2. This baby pony called Angel Marie had to have her front leg amputated after her mom stepped on it. She wasn’t able to gallop around until Derrick came to save the day!

“The prosthetics, if it wasn’t for that she wouldn’t have made it,” Angel Marie’s owner told The Telegraph.


3. Hudson the dog’s legs were injured after they were nailed to train tracks in New York. After Derrick gave him prosthetic legs, he was the happiest he’d ever been! 

Credit: Derrick Campona

Derrick told SPE he became so emotional after improving Hudson’s life. “I was tearing up. It’s one of the best moments… When all these things lined up together, and we fit him with new prosthesis … and he just ran away. It all lined up. Perfection,” he said.

4. Check out this happy little lamb—so cute!


5. This llama is definitely grateful for Derrick’s help.


Derrick is doing such an amazing thing to give owners around the world hope for their beloved furry friends!

Credit: The Epoch Times

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