It is never easy for parents to see their kids battling cancer. The mental torture of not being able to do anything apart from taking them for their treatment and constantly reassuring them that “everything is going to be alright” would no doubt break a parent’s heart.

3-year old Trinity from Tampa, Florida, suffers from Neuroblastoma and has been battling cancer since July last year.

Last month, Trinity got Disney-themed full tattoo sleeves. Yes, you read that right, full tattoo sleeves at the age of 3—but don’t worry, the tattoos are temporary!

Trinity’s mom, Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio, decided to take Trinity to the tattoo parlour because she wanted to cheer her up.

Skyla posted on Facebook, “Cancer has taken and continues to take so much from Trinity and our family, so we try to think outside of the box to come up with super fun, once in a lifetime things to do, see, or go to.”

Trinity loves her dad’s tattoos so much. That’s why Skyla thought it was a good idea for her baby girl to get the tattoos.

Credit: Facebook/ Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio

Skyla contacted a local tattoo parlor, Ink Wolves, and proposed the idea to them. Initially she thought it was a silly idea.

“I originally reached out to Ink Wolves with an idea, not sure if they would even reply, and if they did reply I wasn’t sure if they would think I was crazy!” she said.

Ink Wolves thought it was an amazing idea and took up Skyla’s suggestion.

Credit: Facebook/ Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio

To make sure Trinity got the best tattoo sleeves, Ink Wolves bought tattoo markers and practiced with them. 

Credit: Facebook/ Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio

On the actual day, two of its artists came in on their day off and ‘tattooed’ Trinity’s arms and legs with Disney music playing in the background.

Credit: Facebook/ Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio

According to CBS News, Trinity’s tattoos included Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh and some butterflies. She also got her name tattooed on her body.

Credit: Facebook/ Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio

Trinity’s parents invited a professional photographer who took sweet photos capturing Trinity’s first tattoo experience.

Trinity’s tattoo day no doubt brought joy to those who were at Ink Wolves. Everyone had fun including Trinity.

Look at these photos, she looks so happy!

Credit: Facebook/ Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio

Getting these temporary cute Disney tattoos definitely cheered her right up.

Even though the tattoos lasted for just six days, it gave Trinity the extra strength and energy she needed to continue battling cancer. She is as tough as her daddy now.

Credit: Facebook/ Skyla Zimmerman D’Autorio

Sadly, Trinity’s current treatments are not helping and she needs to fly to Michigan to see a neuroblastoma specialist, which will be a costly trip. 

Trinity is so young, and she shouldn’t have to be going through this. Let us all help Trinity and her family in their battle against cancer. Please donate guys. There are several pages set up to help her, such as her GoFundMe and Paypal.

Credit: CBS News 

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