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The universe is very mysterious, and the phrase‘what goes around comes around’ happens more often than we think. A man helped fund a girl through medical school and 11 years later she saved the man’s life. What a beautiful cycle!

Tam Ling was born into a poor family in Sichuan. Her father was disabled and her mother suffered from various illnesses. Besides taking care of her parents, she had to take care of her two younger sisters.

The 2008 Sichuan earthquake hit Tam Ling’s family hard. The 7.9 magnitude earthquake destroyed her family home.

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Because of that, Tam Ling and her family had to live with their neighbours as they were financial incapable of rebuilding their home.

Tam Ling’s life and future turned around when she met Zheng Hua. Zheng Hua knew what Tam Ling and her family were going through as he was also born into an impoverished family. His dad was a farmer.

Zheng Hua was empathetic towards Tam Ling and decided to help her with her education. He gave Tam Ling his number and requested her to contact him when she completes high school.

As soon as she graduated high school, Tam Ling’s dad contacted Zheng Hua urging him to be his daughter’s mentor. 

Zheng Hua recommended and enrolled Tam Ling in North Sichuan Medical College and funded her first year tuition fees of approximately $1,400. 

Zheng Hua also helped funded Tam Ling’s younger siblings’ education.

With hard work and determination, Tam Ling become a qualified optometrist and is now working at a local hospital.

On 19 March, Zheng Hua collapsed during work and was sent to a hospital where he was diagnosed with brain aneurysm.

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“The doctor said I was bleeding internally and I could lose my life if the situation is not under control,” Zheng Hua said.

When Tam Ling found out that Zheng Hua would be at the hospital where she works. She helped her mentor arranged everything. At the time of the incident, Zheng Hua’s wife was away for work and couldn’t return in time.

Tam Ling and her husband, Ping Hu, helped Zheng Hua to register and accompanied him until 4 a.m. the next day for check-ups.

Because of Tam Ling and Ping Hu, Zheng Hua received prompt treatment and his condition was under control.

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“11 years ago, I put her through the medical school. 11 years later, she saved my life! I shared this story because I want to motivate others to spread kindness!” Tam Ling said. 

It is always nice to see those who help others  do so genuinely without any intention of getting something in return. This is an inspiring story and we hope there will be more genuine acts of kindness in this world.

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