An incredible video of a cat actually knocking on a door has taken the internet by storm. The lady who captured the incident couldn’t believe her eyes!


Sheekilah Jones was waiting at a bus stop last week early in the morning, when she heard a peculiar sound. 

At first, she wasn’t entirely sure what it was, or where it was coming from, as she couldn’t see anyone.

“I heard knocking. [But] there was no one around,” she told The Dodo.

When she began to look around, she saw the most remarkable sight, and had to stop to record the moment.

She saw a black kitty standing on a handrail—it reached out to knock on the door bell itself!

Credit: Facebook/ Sheekilah Jones

Just like a human, the cat indicated it would like to be kindly let inside. After it knocks a few times, the cat waits patiently for a response.

Credit: Facebook/ Sheekilah Jones

Sheekilah couldn’t believe it!

“I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” she said.

Just incase nobody would believe her later, she captured a video of the cat knocking on the door.

The clever feline knew if it tried to catch its owner’s attention by pawing on the door, it wouldn’t be heard.

So he came up with the most effective way of asking to be let in!

Sadly, Sheekilah couldn’t stay in time to see if the kitty’s owner granted its wish. 

“I was tempted to go and knock a bit harder for him, but then my bus came,” she said. “So at that point I got on the bus, still in shock.”

The adorable video has since gone viral, and has millions of views on social media. It seems like the rest of the world can’t quite believe their eyes too, and rightly so!

What a smart kitty!

Credit: The Dodo

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