This single mom has done an astonishing job of transforming a shipping container into a comfortable home for her and her daughter for just $4000.

Lulu, from California, built the home which has a sufficient 160 ft living area with insulation, windows, cabinets, doors, water and heating.

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The results are super impressive! 

And when she decided she wanted a little more room, she built another bedroom on a flatbed trailer.

It even has a stunning view so the pair can watch the moon rise together.

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The mom decided to build the home after realising she wanted to spend as much time with her daughter as possible. 

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She couldn’t afford standard housing by only working part time, so she came up with the genius idea.

The magical home even has a fully functional kitchen! 

Lulu clearly worked extremely hard to make the interior as beautiful and homey as possible for her beloved daughter.

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Even so, her daughter wishes she has more space. She told she “can’t sit up or stand up” in her loft bed.

But at least they can spend time together!

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“She’s definitely complained at times, but I also know that we have spent way more hours than I would have if I had to pay rent,” Lulu said.

Maybe in the future, Lulu will eventually expand their home. For now, the shipping container is based in someone’s backyard, and she just pays them a small amount for water and electricity.

“I showed this to my brother in Argentina and he said: “You’ve always like poverty with a lot of style. Always like elegant poor”,” the mom told

“Material things – all of it is on borrow right, we’re all just borrowing stuff,” she added.

We think Lulu is doing an great job of raising her daughter and their home is seriously impressive.

Have a tour of their incredible home in the video below:

Credit: Daily Mail

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