It is never easy growing up battling medical diseases or disorders as a child. The constant hospital overnight stays and checkups will no doubt lower one’s morale and spirit.

Over time, hospital stays eventually become part of your identity and the bland hospital food doesn’t help either.

Cole Favro, 18, who was born with cystic fibrosis, has had to stay in hospital overnight and attend medical check-ups constantly since he was a child.

Credit: Spectrum News

He’s been a patient at Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester, New York, since he was little. It hasn’t been easy for Cole. 

Over the years, Golisano Children’s Hospital has slowly turned into Cole’s second home.

Cole sees the nurses and hospital staff as his ‘second’ family.

“The hospital is awful and not fun to be in, but they make it great. They are so amazing and family,” he said.

As he turned 18 last December, he will soon be transferring to an adult hospital—Highland Hospital.

During his last stay at the children’s hospital, Cole painted on his hospital room window “SEND PIZZA 8 SOUTH RM 14”. 

Credit: Twitter/ @MikeMossTV

The message was intended to be a prank. But naturally, one would hope a kind soul would deliver him a large pepperoni pizza. 

Well, Cole got more than just a pizza.

Astonishingly, 18 pizzas, a box of cannolis and over 100 chicken wings were delivered to Cole.

Credit: Spectrum News

After painting the message, Cole received a pizza within the first hour. The next day, he received almost a dozen of them.

Although it was meant to be a prank, Cole intended to share the pizzas with the nurses and staff from Golisano Children’s Hospital. 

It was his way of saying thank you to them for taking care of him so many years.

Credit: Twitter/ @MikeMossTV

Cole told TODAY Food, “I just wanted to do something nice and fun for all of the nurses and staff to thank them for all of the amazing support they’ve given me.”

A photographer from Spectrum News, Mike Moss was there to witness it and shared the ordeal on Twitter.

“I am hanging out with this awesome kid at @URMed_GCH. Cole is 18 and moving to the adult hospital. He asked for pizza by painting his room window.

“He got ALOT of Pizza! 2 sheets last night. 3 SHEETS THIS MORNING. 10 larges since I have been here. 5 more sheets coming @SPECNewsROC,” he tweeted.

That’s a lot of food!

Credit: Twitter/ @MikeMossTV

Cole was touched by the gesture.“It feels really nice that there’s a community around, looking out for everybody and helping people in the hospital like me.”

The hospital staff were also surprised by the kind gesture from the pizza donors.

Denise Clough, senior nurse manager said, “It is so heart-warming to see this kind of compassion and generosity from out community.”

“Cole’s request for pizza did so much more for all of us here at Golisano Children’s Hospital. He wanted to make sure every floor got pizzas so all the children and staff could enjoy them. It brought us together in a unique way,” she said.

Cole certainly created amazing memories for the nurses and staff from Golisano Children’s Hospital. 

Credit: Spectrum News

Even though he is going through a lot because of his condition, he has never forgotten the importance of being grateful to those who have taken care of him. This is admirable and inspiring. 

We wish Cole well!

Credit: Today, Spectrum News

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