When a man from Hong Kong discovered his Filipina former nanny, who looked after him for 19 years, had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, he flew immediately to be by her side in the Philippines.

Remelyn Zubiaga Yumul, the former nanny, had been experiencing a persistent stomach pain. She thought it was unusual so decided to go for a checkup at Yanchai Hospital in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

She was surprised when doctors asked for her to be admitted to a ward, as she thought it was just a minor pain. Doctors were concerned so wanted to evaluate her condition further.

Sadly, Remelyn was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. The disease had already spread to her appendix and lungs.

Credit: The SUN Hong Kong

As she was a domestic helper in Hong Kong, as long as she was employed, she was entitled to medicare care in the country.

But Remelyn soon chose to receive medical treatment back at home in the Philippines.

Thankfully, her employer was extremely understanding. In order for her to fund her treatment, she was given two months’ salary and vacation leave.

She decided to undergo medical care in her hometown, at Capiz Doctors Hospital in Roxas City.

Just last month, she had surgery and on April 22 she started chemotherapy.

The hardworking lady, 54, had worked for the Tse family for 19 years, and took care of Philip since he was just a baby.

Credit: The SUN Hong Kong

Eventually, she worked for another family, but they never forgot each other.

She continued to keep in touch with the Tse family, especially Philip as they had such a special bond.

Philip, now 31, was devastated when he learned about his former nanny’s condition.

Soon, he flew to the Philippines to see her, as he wanted to repay the kindness she had shown him all those years.

He spent four days with Remelyn in Roxas City to look after her.

Remelyn was extremely touched by Philip’s gesture, and the moment is one she will always keep with her.

So sweet. We hope Remelyn can recover soon and wish her all the best.

Credit: Ptama

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