Credit: Fondation du Patrimoine

A little girl, 9, from England, was so devastated by the catastrophic Notre Dame cathedral fire in Paris that she posted an envelope with €3 cash to help efforts to rebuild it.

The girl sent the sweet letter to one of the four organizations in charge of its repair—the Foundation du Patrimoine.

Credit: Fondation du Patrimoine

First, she introduced herself, and wrote, “Dear people of France and Paris. My name is Caitlyn, and I am 9 years old, I live in England.”

She then acknowledged her donation isn’t a huge sum, but she wanted to do what she could to help out.

“I heard about the Notre Dame fire on the radio and wanted to help, I know it’s not much, but every bit helps. Hopefully it won’t take too long to build. Thanks, Caitlyn,” she added.

In an interview with CNN, her dad, Simon Handley, said Caitlyn was “very upset” when she heard about the fire which ravaged the the 850-year-old world famous Gothic cathedral in Paris. 

“She felt she had to do something about it — she said that she couldn’t give hundreds or thousands, but would give what she could,” Simon explained.

Such a sweet girl! Her dad said she is a “very bright girl” who really cares about “helping people and animals.”

She’s not the only Brit do have donated by sending an envelope full of cash.

Credit: Fondation du Patrimoine

One Brit sent an envelope containing six £50 notes to help with efforts to rebuild Notre Dame cathedral, French authorities confirmed.

Fondation du Patrimoine say they have been overwhelmed by the response! Over 160 countries have donated to the cause since the Paris disaster on April 15 totalling around €1.6 million.

The organization says it receives thousands of checks daily!

“Our whole team has been mobilized and many volunteers have come to help us, because we are not accustomed to receiving such an influx of donations in such a short space of time in our normal work,” Fondation du Patrimoine spokeswoman Laurence Levy said.

Credit: CNN

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