This lady, Zhang, was heartbroken when she got the news the love of her life was paralyzed and may never walk again, shortly before their long-overdue wedding ceremony.

But Zhang stood by his side night and day, taking care of him in the hopes he might recover.

She organized a stunning pre-wedding photoshoot to capture the love they have for each other.

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Zhang and her other half first started their romance in 2007 when he renovated houses as  a construction worker for a living.

But since his job meant he had to work outstation often, much of their early relationship was long distance.

But their love for each other grew every single day and they kept in touch by call and text.

Then in 2010, the sweet couple officially got married. But due to financial hardship, they promised to work hard together to save up for their dream wedding ceremony in the future.

They were so determined to achieve their goals and dreams to make a comfortable life for themselves.

Zhang’s husband worked day and night to buy them a cosy marital home. He finally found the perfect one for 200,000Yuan (US $30,000).

At the same time, he also saved up 40,000Yuan (US $6,000) for their dream wedding ceremony.

Sadly, Zhang’s husband was injured in a tragic accident at work shortly before the wedding. He was electrocuted and left paralyzed and in a vegetative state.

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Although he hasn’t been able to walk, talk or respond, Zhang never gave up hope against advice from doctors, who told her there was no treatment available to aid his recovery.

Despite the hardships, Zhang’s love for her husband blossomed.

She transferred her husband from the hospital back to their home, and stayed by his side all day, every day.


Zhang would hand-feed her husband and massage his body throughout day just to stimulate his muscles.

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Although he might not be able to hear her, Zhang speaks to him every day.

And while she was exhausted both mentally and physically, she loved her soul mate too much to give up on him.

Over the past four years, she has been caring for him unconditionally, while borrowing money from family and friends to help with her husband’s medical bills.

Credit: The Paper

Since he seemed to show slight improvement, Zhang organized a heartwarming pre-wedding wedding photoshoot, and the photos are so sweet.

Credit: The Paper

Zhang wanted nothing more than to capture the love they have for each other, even if he might never recover.

Zhang wears a gorgeous white wedding gown, and her beloved husband sits on his wheelchair dressed in a dashing dusty blue suit.

Credit: The Paper

The loving couple will finally have their long-overdue wedding ceremony in their hometown at the end of this month!

A huge congratulations to Zhang and her husband! Their love is truly special. We hope he can make a quick and full recovery soon.

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