Adorable footage of two little girls taking pretend selfies with a slipper has taken the internet by storm.

Credit: Facebook/ Minh Phương

The cute pair know exactly how to pose and look adorable when they use their imagination to   pretend to flick through the imaginary photos on the back of the slipper!

The sweet clip was shared by Minh Phương on Facebook on April 3, and it has since been shared over 236,000 times and viewed more than 11 million times.

The adorable girls sit beside each other happily while they use a blue Peppa Pig slipper to take the pretend photos.

It’s as if they’ve been doing this their whole life! They’re completely natural while posing with the iconic peace sign, flashing precious smiles. 

Credit: Facebook/ Minh Phương

Don’t we look cute?

Credit: Facebook/ Minh Phương

Their imagination is super impressive and they fake clicking on phone buttons to have a look at the photos they have just taken. So adorable!

The girl dressed in the white spotted dress then strikes a few poses while her friend in blue leans back with the slipper to snap the perfect shot of her.

Credit: Facebook/ Minh Phương

Because the little girl wearing the blue dress is only wearing one shoe on her left foot, it looks as if she’s using her other slipper to take the selfies!

But netizens were soon amused when they spotted the blue slipper was in fact from another friend wearing pink on her right.

No wait, let me see the photo first! 

Credit: Facebook/ Minh Phương

This is how internet users around the world reacted to the precious clip.

Credit: Facebook/ Minh Phương

We can’t get over how adorable these two little girls are! 

Credit: Facebook/ Minh Phương

Watch the heartwarming video here: 

Credit: The Mothership

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