Meet Pom Pom, the adorable Pomeranian dog whose photos have stormed the internet after a Singaporean groomer trimmed him to look like an egg.

Credit: Instagram/ @pom_and_pixel

Pom Pom the dog looks so fluffy and cute after his genius makeover, and his Instagram account, @pom_and_pixel has since gone viral—he and his doggy friend have amassed a following of over 7,000!

A video of the cheerful dog’s trim taken by Andrea Aubrey Sim (@groomer_andrea) has melted the internet’s heart. The video has received over 100 thousand views so far.

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Thanks @groomer_andrea for this video!!

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Andrea first showers Pom Pom and massages his body to create as much puffiness as possible in his fur.

Then after he’s all squeaky clean, she trims and grooms him to look like the fluffy egg we have all fallen in love with.

Credit: Instagram/ @pom_and_pixel
He looks so calm and relaxed…pure bliss!

Pom Pom’s owners post pictures and videos of his life every day—cuteness overload!
Credit: Instagram/ @pom_and_pixel
This is totally us before our morning coffee…Pom Pom, we feel you!
Credit: Instagram/ @pom_and_pixel

Pom Pom’s fans have even been inspired by him and have started to submit fan art of the pooch! 

Check out Christian Amiel Miranda’s creation—Admiral Pom Pom! We dig the look.

So sweet!

He even inspired a well-known Japanese sculptor to turn him into a cute figurine.
Credit: Twitter/ Meetissai

We’ll definitely be keeping up with Pom Pom’s daily life!

Credit: Era Baru


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