Looking back on old photos can spark all sorts of emotions, as each one carries a precious memory with it. This sweet couple decided they wanted to recreate some old photos they took over half a century ago.

When the elderly couple from Taiwan asked a photographer in 2017 if he could help them recreate the magical scene, he was up for the challenge immediately.
Credit: Facebook/ ZhangZheSheng

Word soon got around, and a social media user named Mr. Chen realized he had the same model of the motorbike in the photograph and wanted to lend it to the couple to use for their modern day pictures!

But they had a problem. They now lived in Toronto, Canada, and couldn’t make it back to Taipei for two years, to where they originally snapped the photo while they were still dating.

So the elderly couple waited it out, and when they finally made it to Taiwan, they made their way to Tianmu Park.

The photographer said he was extremely touched while taking the photos, as he was able to see just how the park and the elderly couple had aged and changed over the past 52 years.
Credit: Facebook/ ZhangZheSheng

The sweet lovebirds took their new photo on their 46th wedding anniversary—how romantic!

The pair met when she was 16 and her husband was 17, in 1965. To get their first romantic photo, they asked a passerby to take it for them.

They never expected to come back half a century later to recreate their special memory!

Life is adventure for the loving couple, and they continue to make memories every single day.
Credit: Facebook/ ZhangZheSheng
They decided to recreate a few more special moments while they were in the park, too.
Credit: Facebook/ ZhangZheSheng
Stay sweet!


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