Meet Ken-kun, the adorable and hardworking Shiba Inu dog who runs his very own sweet potato stall in Japan!

Credits: hina_shii_ver2
Most of us are used to seeing dogs working alongside policemen catching criminals or accompanying the blind as guide dogs.

Ken-kun certainly surprised us with his diligence while he mans the stall and greets customers! He’s such a good boy.
Credits: hobby_space_jun

A lucky customer was so amazed by the whole thing that they filmed themselves buying a sweet potato from Ken-kun and posted it on social media.

This cute pooch is a 3-year-old Shiba Inu from Sapporo City on the island of Hokkaido, northern Japan.
All you need to do is leave 100yen ($1) for him and choose the roasted sweet potato you want! Simple.

You can even enjoy your treat in Ken-kun’s company if you want!

He’s always happy to say hello, and as soon as you approach his stall, his precious little face will pop up from behind the counter.

Look at that nose!
Credits: hiroki99837
You’d better bring exact change as it’s not like Ken will be able to pass you any cash!
Credits: hobby_space_jun

“Because I am a dog, I can’t give you change,” a colorful sign reads on the stall.

The sign also says any tips will go towards extra treats for Ken-kun.

Roasted sweet potatoes, otherwise known as yaki imo, are a Japanese winter favorite, and stalls can be seen everywhere during the colder months.
Credit: Bored Panda

But this canine managed stall is definitely one of a kind, though!

They’re delicious and typically sweeter than your average sweet potato. They’re even used as an ingredient for desserts like ice cream—they’re that yummy!

Check out Ken-kun managing the sweet paw-tatoes in the video below!

Credit: Bored Panda


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