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A teacher from England posted a genius poem about dyslexia by one of her young students on Twitter, and it’s gone viral for being so inspiring!

Jane Broadis, from South East England, often shares her love and admiration for her students’ work on her Twitter page and is proud of every single one of them!

“We talked about what love means to us… I love the honesty and openness of children,” Jane tweeted, sharing photos of the sweet poems.

Credit: Twitter/ @Jb5Jane

But one day, when she challenged her class to write a poem which could be understood both forwards and backwards, she was astonished by one poem in particular.

And it was written about such an important topic—dyslexia and the challenges it faces!

Jane tweeted, “Today in Y6 we looked at poems that could be read forwards & backwards.

“I was stunned by this one written by one of my 10 year olds.”

She was so impressed, that she appealed for it to be published!

“Please share –  I would love her work to be appreciated further afield.  I wonder if it could even find a publisher?”

The inspiring poem impressed the internet so much that it has gone viral—it has been retweeted 54,000 times and received 177,000 likes!

Credit: Twitter/ @Jb5Jane

The internet is amazed by the 10-year-old’s talent, and has called her a genius—we agree!

Credit: Twitter/ @Jb5Jane

One Twitter user said the poem has even had a great impact on them.

Credit: Twitter/ @Jb5Jane

And other parents whose children have faced difficulties in life felt the poem resonated with them.

Credit: Twitter/ @Jb5Jane

Others took to Twitter to praise the teacher for moulding the 10-year-old into such a talented young lady!

Jane is doing such a fantastic job of praising and nurturing her students, well done!

Credit: Buzzfeed

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