Credit: Twitter/ @OfficialJoelF

Meet Joshua Caraway, the teen from Atlanta who has gone viral for spending his spring break picking up trash from Miami beaches rather than partying!

Credit: Twitter/ @OfficialJoelF

While thousands of students partied and danced by the sea all day, this 19-year-old had something else in mind.

Joshua, an aspiring animal specialist, saw the amount of trash that was being left behind on the beach and knew he had to do something about it.

Credit: Twitter/ @OfficialJoelF

The freshman at the University of West Georgia spent an afternoon cleaning the beach and managed to fill up three trash bags in just a few hours! 

The teen, who went to the South Florida beaches with a bunch of friends for spring break, said he knows how important it is to keep the beach clean.

Credit: Twitter/ @OfficialJoelF

“Even though I’m on vacation, I still can help out,” he told a local reporter.

But despite his efforts, he struggled to convince his friends to join in and help to tidy the beaches with him!

“I asked my friends if they were going to do it with me, and they were like, ‘Clean up the trash? No, I’m not with that,’” Joshua said, according to WSVN.

His heartwarming efforts didn’t go unnoticed, however!

Major Paul Acosta from the Miami Beach Police Department was impressed by Joshua’s actions.

“So I told Joshua, you’ve been picking up trash for a long time instead of hanging out and listening to music,” Paul tweeted.

“I asked why. He says he love animals and wants to take care of their home and ours.”

His good deed soon picked up more attention, and soon, another group of tourists showed up to lend a helping hand! 

Credit: Twitter/ @OfficialJoelF

It’s incredible what a small act of kindness can do! 

Joshua was super humble and thanked his Twitter followers for praising his efforts.

“Glad to help the environment, I hope I encourage others to do the same,” he tweeted.

“I just want to come on here and say thank you to everyone who is saying something good about me and I appreciate all the compliments.

“Watching my message spread and becoming viral makes me so happy cause it can motivate someone to help their environment. No matter where you are.”

The world needs more people like Joshua, what an incredible thing to do!

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