Credit: Takhini Hot Pools

Canada’s annual hair freezing competition has begun—and the photos are spectacular.

Credit: Takhini Hot Pools

The unusual competition, named the International Hair Freezing Contest, has been held in the Yukon Territory by Takhini Hot Pools since 2011.

And it’s become insanely popular.

The main rule: Contestants snap photos of their hair when it’s cold enough for wet hair to instantly freeze—typically below -20C.

Credit: Takhini Hot Pools

It originally began as a spin-off of the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvouz, which takes place annually in February.

After taking part in some winter sports competitions, locals would take some time to relax in the evening in natural hot pools.

Eventually, the managers of the hot pools started to challenge everyone to come up with the best hairstyles, and that’s when it all kicked off.

And now, hundreds of keen visitors travel to the area to witness the event.

Anyone can enter, and there are plenty of categories to join, including Best Group, Best Female, Best Male and Most Creative.

Credit: Takhini Hot Pools

Not only will participants get to have fun, but cash prizes are also up for grabs!

Some win an impressive $750, while others can bag a 30-soak pool membership which is worth C$230.

Not bad right?

Some people are worried about hair damage, but Takhini staff assure that freezing hair doesn’t affect it in any way.

Your hair will go back to normal as soon as you dip it in hot water too!

Just take a look at these marvellous hair sculptures.

A bit chilly?

Credit: Takhini Hot Pools

This guy loves letting his hair down. 

Credit: Takhini Hot Pools

We’re loving this star-inspired hair style!

Credit: Takhini Hot Pools

The cold doesn’t bother this fella.

Credit: Takhini Hot Pools

The pool’s 36-42C temperatures mean these bathers remain toasty despite the freezing conditions!

The waters are rich in minerals, too. What’s not to love?

Which hairstyle is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Credit: The Independent

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