Credit: Facebook/ Whitney King Cahoon

An adorable Labrador retriever, aged 9, saved the day when he chased a thief away from his home.

Zero, who is usually a scaredy-cat, earned his title as a good boy when he defended his family from the sticky-fingered robber. 

Credit: Facebook/ Whitney King Cahoon

When the thief runs to snatch a package from the front porch, Zero immediately chases after him.

Credit: Facebook/ Whitney King Cahoon

Zero barks frantically, sensing his ill intentions.

Credit: Facebook/ Whitney King Cahoon

The robber manages to jump into a car parked near Zero’s home, which starts to drive away.

But he is clearly intimidated and startled by Zero, and drops the parcel on the road from the car and disappears.

His human mom told The Dodo that everyone was shocked by her pooch’s brave behaviour, as he is usually timid and gentle in nature.

He had never acted like a guard dog in his life before!

Credit: Facebook/ Whitney King Cahoon

“He loves swimming and playing ball. He is scared of almost everything, but very lovable,” Whitney King Cahoon said. 

Whitney said that although the parcel only contained a $4 light dimmer switch, she is extremely thankful Zero saved the day.

“I didn’t expect him to go after them, but I am proud of him for scaring them off. He earned his keep,” Whitney said.

It’s safe to say he won’t be coming back any time soon!

Zero is definitely a hero in our eyes!

Credit: The Dodo

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